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The upadesh herbal udyog is a  certified ayurvedic drugs manufacturing company established and running by neplesis energetic entrepreneurs . It is the one of raising leading ayurvedic company of nepal. The production unit is situated at Bharatpur -15 mangalpur, Chitwan Nepal. Our company  is established in 2065 poush 16 B.S under the company act of government of nepal and focusing on good manufacturing practice (GMP) critearea of the WHO. Our factory is situated in polution free, peacefull and well sanative environment.

Upadesh herbal udyog starts its journey with small quantity of production range  during its beginning days. currently,the company has large scale of productions including ayurvedic powder (churna), Herbal tea, Herbal tooth powder, cosmetic varities ,pure honey and many more

Nowdays upadesh herbal udyog covers almost of domestic market. We provides job opportunity in various post at least to hundred peoples. The herbal products by upadesh herbal udyog are made of high quality natural ingredients by skilled, well trained and well equipped manufacturing team.



upadesh herbal udyog provide advance natural medication to the people with chronic  and life threatening ailment science one decade. Our mission is become a facilitator to distribute natural herbal medicine and supplements to each and every people. In this mission we want to be leading and most trusted company in Nepal.

Our motto beyond our success is respect, dedication, collaboration and continuity. We strongly belief that good health of nation is depends open healthy peoples and people health is protected and cured by effective and chemical free natural medicines and supplements. We strive to make this possible through our effortful dedication and integration of traditional knowledge with modern scientific procedures.

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